Toddler Programs

Talent Montessori School’s Toddler Programs are comprehensive, challenging and diverse. This is a time when the child absorbs effortlessly from his/her surroundings, just by living. This is the period of the ‘absorbent mind’. They need to be able to explore and discover.

These children are curious about everything and need to touch and manipulate objects in order to learn. They are attracted to everything that stimulates their senses, which they are learning about through their surroundings. The program offers professional childcare and an early childhood education program, with a general introduction to the Montessori Philosophy and Methodology for children from 18 months to 2 ½ years of age. Our teachers are committed to providing quality care. The program’s mandate is to provide a culturally appropriate, racially sensitive and non-discriminatory environment for children and their parents.

Our teachers give toddlers individualized attention and care to help them build their skills in five important areas:

• Sensory and Perception
• Self-Help
• Language
• Physical and Motor Skills
• Social and Emotional Growth

Learning social skills is a big part of a toddler’s development. Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately.

Our goals in the toddler program are to offer children the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally and cognitively through real and positive interactions and carefully chosen materials. The sequence of activities in the toddler environment helps give order, consistency and security to each child’s daily life.

Our Toddler Program

Our Toddler Room cares for children twelve-months-old to twenty-four-months-old. The Toddler Room maintains a one-to-four teacher-to-child ratio with a maximum of eight children in the classroom.

Our staff is trained in infant/toddler care, sanitization methods and health and safety measures specifically for an infant/toddler classroom. Our teachers provide many activities for our children each day including outdoor play time, outings to the local library, water play, art activities, reading, music and so much more! Our weekly lesson plans surround a theme and are chocked full of many fun adventures for your child.